I get a kick out of Awareness Days.  Beautiful Day is observed every November 20th.  The U2 Song, the Muppets,  a Christian pop song, and a (probably forgotten) Beach Boys Song… Who knew?


So I wandered over to Holiday Insights.  This site contains all kinds of holiday information – traditions, trivia, recipes and more.    And this is what they say about Beautiful Day:

“The world is filled with ugliness. So, as day like today is refreshing, and eye appealing. It’s filled with beautiful sights, sounds and smells.

But, wait a minute. Just what was Beautiful Day created for? We have yet to find the creator. In addition to what we found in our research, we can only speculate as to the intent of this day.

Here is our part fact, part speculative reasons this day was created:

A song by the band U2 is titled Beautiful Day.

The Beautiful Day monster appeared on Ed Sullivan and later Sesame Street. The monster created mayhem and chaos, in his attempt to ruin a beautiful day.

It’s creator wanted to create and enjoy the perfect, beautiful day.

The Beach Boys song It’s a Beautiful Day

As for this author’s choice? Well, I’m just gonna kick back and enjoy this beautiful, God given day!

Have a lovely Happy Beautiful Day!”

Now, about that Beautiful Day Monster… First seen on The Ed Sullivan Show and then later on Sesame Street and The Muppet Show.  I found out all about him on Muppet Wikia:

“Beautiful Day Monster is a blue Muppet monster best remembered from his appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show in 1969, ruining a girl’s beautiful day. Three years before, he began life as The Crown-Grabber in an unaired commercial for Wheels, Crowns and Flutes. He has made several appearances in the early years of Sesame Street, on The Muppet Show, and several other Muppet projects. Wherever the Beautiful Day Monster goes, destruction and mayhem soon follows.

Although the monster was known as “Beautiful Day Monster” behind the scenes, he had many names on Sesame Street, such as “Fred,” (in an early Sesame Street skit) “Harold,” “Snookie,” “Lulu,” and “Windy.” He was also a contestant on a 1969 Sesame Street game show, “The Mr. and Mrs. Game,” where he was named “Ralph” and had a wife, also a contestant. For a few sketches, the monster was turned into a female character with a dark black wig, a necklace and a pink ribbon. After the first season, Beautiful Day Monster and most of the other early Sesame monsters were replaced by friendlier looking monsters with brighter colors.


A small Beautiful Day Monster (used in the original Ed Sullivan sketch when the monster has shrunk) was used alongside the regular-sized monster to demonstrate the difference between ‘little’ and ‘big’, where he was known as “Frank.”

For The Muppet Show, the Beautiful Day Monster puppet was reconstructed and his teeth removed to give him a less frightening appearance. In one memorable sketch in episode 108, he asked a travel agent (Paul Williams) about the cost of a trip to Pittsburgh. No matter what the travel agent offered, Beautiful Day Monster asked “You got anything cheaper?” until the agent dropped a weight on him, flattening him enough to send him by mail. This was his only major appearance in a Muppet Show sketch, although he appeared several times behind Gonzo during the final moment of “The Muppet Show Theme.” The flattened version of the puppet would appear in the At the Dancesketch in the next episode, wearing a wig and dancing with Rowlf.”


Points to you if you can remember the Beach Boys song.  I couldn’t until I gave it a listen on on youtube: A Beautiful Day, Beach Boys.  Oh yeah… that song!  Now I remember…. umm, sort of.  Well, okay, not really?  Wonder why?

Okay, here’s the scoop.  This was not a Beach Boys hit, and it wasn’t even released on a Beach Boys album.  Mike Love and Al Jardine wrote it, and the band recorded, but it wasn’t until 1979 it was released as part of the soundtrack of the 1979 movie Americathon a prophetic comedy. This flick  which featured an impressive comedic cast (John Ritter, Harvey Korman, George Carlin), some great cameos (Jay Leno, Meat Loaf, Tommy Lasorda), and a soundtrack including tracks by Eddie Money, the Beach Boys, and Elvis Costello.   Sadly, Americathon was not all that memorable, even though the writers kind of correctly predicted the demise of the Soviet Union, the prevalence of reality television, and the sale of public assets to the private sector.  But, hey, we have another song to attach to today, Beautiful Day, so not an entire waste of my research time.


jamie-grace-beautiful-day-facebook-cover1Christian pop artist, Jamie Grace, released her Beautiful Day (featuring one of my faves, Toby Mac) a couple of years ago.  Hard to listen to this and not smile?  Beautiful Day, Jamie Grace.  Seriously, you don’t even have to be a follower to enjoy it.

And of course, we can’t have Beautiful Day without Bono and U2’s iconic track.

The heart is a bloom
Shoots up through the stony ground
There’s no room
No space to rent in this town
You’re out of luck
And the reason that you had to care
The traffic is stuck
And you’re not moving anywhere….

….It’s a beautiful day
Don’t let it get away
It’s a beautiful day

So, there you have it.  Today.  A Beautiful Day. Have one yourself!

Beautiful Day, U2