This documentary is not remotely a romp in the park. It defies half-watching because so much is in subtitles German. The movie is filled with disturbing footage. Despite all this, I am grateful that it was assigned by our professor.

I’ve read Bonhoeffer, and I’ve read about Bonhoeffer, and I’ve read about the church and the Third Reich. This documentary weaves  historical and theological and historical expertise together with the words of those who knew Bonehoeffer. Family members, colleagues, students and others shared and brought this man to life in greater depth for me.

I knew this pastor, a man of peace, had become a conspirator against Hitler, yet my heart hadn’t turned to lead when reading the words in past.  How could I not cry when his wife’s sister told of their meeting while he was in prison?

Seeing and hearing the late Desmond Tutu in this film evoked hope and calm through my tears; and a reminder, a call to attention.  Boenhoeffer lived his faith and taught others to do so.