National Coffee Day & Dutch Bros

National Coffee Day & Dutch Bros

September 29th is National Coffee Day and Dutch Bros is giving you nine punches with a large drink.  A freebie is ten punches, so that’s almost like getting a free drink!  I’ve marked my calendar.  How can you go wrong? Dutch Bros is, I think, the very best drive-through coffee – and my favorite.  Here’s why:

Dutch Bros National Coffee Day 2015

  1. They actually pull shots, rather than using some concentrate syrup.  My coffee is freshly made for me, every time.
  2. The culture at Dutch Bros is the best.  The owner claims to be “just an old hippie”.  I’d be happy to call him friend.
  3. Dutch Bros empowers their employees….  if they think you need a hug, or a free drink, or a sticker, they don’t have to go ask the manager.
  4. They respect customers  and  employees. Recently, baristas started coming outside to take orders ahead if the lines were long.  Faster service for us, and it was suggested by a worker.
  5. Dutch Bros intends to remain awesome – to open a stand, you must have worked at a Dutch Bros, so you get how they do things.
  6. They have amazing blended Rebels – energy drinks with flavored syrup blended into the slushy thing.  Amazing in a super-hot summer day.  Sometimes you just need something besides coffee.
  7. Did I mention stickers?  Love the stickers!
  8. The baristas play great music, loud.  And they talk to you.  And they remember you, even if you only stop by once a week or so.  The baristas are the best.
  9. They know what I mean when I want to pay-it-forward to the next car.  That green emblemed place hires people who need an explanation.
  10. T-shirts and march – first class!
  11. Dutch Bros supports local communities.  Not all the time which is annoying, but often enough that you know they care. And they care about truly worthy groups in out community.
  12. They like us, they really like us!  Once, a barista actually steamed goat milk for a customer (not me,  I promise!).
  13. I’m always a rock star when I turn someone on to Dutch Bros.
  14. They have the greatest promotions.
  15. Oh, of course, they make the very best coffee drinks.  Sincerely.  The. Best.  Treat yourself to an Annihilator.

Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 7.27.38 AM

There is a downside. Started in Oregon, and going from there, Dutch Bros is still found in only seven states. Not for long, I’m certain.


CSA Produce August 2015

One More Reason Why We Eat This Way

I’m pretty fortunate. I have the resources and flexibility to fill my fridge with appropriately raised produce, meat and dairy from local providers. I get to meet these folks every week at the Farmer’s Market at Ivywild School on Wednesdays.  Scratch that – I’m really fortunate.

Many don’t have it so good . They live in food deserts, right here in my city, county, state – and yours, too.

Can you imagine having insufficient cash to feed your family?

And then the closest grocery store is 4 miles away?

And you don’t have a car?

There are people out there feeding their children from 7-11 and fast food outlets, folks. Every single day.   Can you believe it?  Sad to say, this is reality for more people than any of us care to admit.

This video features Larga Vista Ranch and Ahavah Farm.  I’ve known the Wiley’s for years, and Doug, Kim and their sons provide my family with milk and eggs, produce, and much of our meat.  Doug is a fourth generation farmer/rancher, and his love for the land and his livelihood is even more brilliantly evident when you grill a Larga Vista steak, fry one of their eggs, bite into one of his heirloom tomatoes, or drink some of the best milk I’ve ever tasted.

I recently Joseph of Ahavah Farm, and I couldn’t be more impressed.  He’s doing great things, and by doubling SNAP value for those on food stamps, he’s helping make wholesome, appropriately raised more available to those least likely to have access.  Besides, his children are adorable, especially his daughter the chicken-chaser.  And his kohlrabi are delicious!

I moved to Colorado Springs from a climate where year-round local produce could be found in farmers markets.  Here, availability is seasonal.  I remember the first Farmer’s Market I stopped by had bananas and pineapple on offer.  And when I asked, I was assured they were locally produced.  Yeah, right, produced off the back of a food service truck.  What a disappointment.

CSA Produce August 2015

Well, I’ve been here over 20 years now.  And in that time, things have changed.  We have more farmers markets, and they’re more likely to be populated by actual producers.  Still always good to ask, unless you’re at a CFAM Market, Colorado Farm and Art Market – there you’re guaranteed all is locally produced. I know the names and faces of the wonderful individuals who provide my family’s milk, eggs, produce and meat. Places like Seeds Community Cafe help get the word out and make sustainable, appropriately raised food available to anyone, whether they have money to pay or not.  Things are changing and it is my sincere hope this improvement will continue until everyone has access to good healthy food, every single day.

So here’s a shot of the produce I got this week from my CSA. Then the next day I went to the farmers market and picked up milk, cream, eggs, stew meat and a steak, and produce.  More on CSAs coming soon.