Confucius Statue

Go Slow and Don’t Stop

“It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.”   ~ Confucius

Confucius Statue

Today is the birth anniversary of Confucius, who would be 2,568 years old if he’d managed to stay alive for twenty or so extra centuries. 

Confucius was born on or about the equivalent of September 28, 551 B.C.E. He was a political figure, philosopher, educator, and founder of the Ru Chinese School of Thought. He was also an author and has been credited with writing or editing the Five Classics and other Chinese texts.*

We hear some version of his advice often these days, don’t we?


Just Keep Swimmin’


One Step at at Time

Never Give Up!

Just Do It


The truth is, a hundred thousand words is daunting. I suspect it would be all the more so without my keyboard. Or a pen. Or paper. I’m pretty sure my chiseling skills are woefully inadequate.

Yes we’re pulled in umpteen directions and the clock never stops ticking. But we can carve out a few minutes most days, if we’re intentional about it.  And when I say we, I mean I. 

Because I’m great about talking about planning my writing. I acknowledge that a plan, a schedule, a timeline would be helpful.  And then I get distracted.

Sound familiar?

So, enough talk about writing. Time for me to write. How about you?

*Cunfucius peppered his writing quite generously with adverbs!

Gabrielle V Brown

Gabrielle resides in the Rocky Mountains where she makes websites, plays with food, does church things, and writes stories. Gabrielle studies at a seminary in the upper midwest.

2 thoughts on “Go Slow and Don’t Stop

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    This is so true….I often find myself frittering away time as I browse through Facebook posts, check out Amazon for new things of interest, play games on my iPad. Days pass without anything productive. I have readers waiting for book four in my C’Mon Inn Mystery series (and it will probably be a novella like the others – even less excuse). Of course next week is a 4 day mini-vacay, so maybe I’ll get series about writing after that.

    In the meantime, I’m trying to take 30 minutes a day to sit outside and just enjoy. Something I often forget to do.

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      I hope that mini vacation was productive Donna! I’ve been traveling lots; not nearly productive enough.

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