It Took a Global Pandemic

Amazing how our world, our countries, our home life has been impacted by a teeny-tiny little bundle of RNA.  And difficult to fathom the accelerating rate of this impact.

It Was Just a News Story, On the Other Side of the World

And when we finally did here a press conference, it was played down, not of much consequence to our corner of this earth. Yet over there, people were dying. Hundreds, then thousands, then tens of thousands were quarantined. A new giant hospital, just for the crisis, was up and running in just a few weeks.  And we kept on with our normal everyday routines over here.

And Then It Landed Here

First, in an assisted living center in Kirkland, Washington. Then, at an upscale ski resort in the Rocky Mountains.  Then… well, to be honest, I live not terribly far from that second case that made the headlines, so I probably didn’t pay attention to the blossoming heat map of new cases.  Because here in my state, things got weird.

Things Got Weird.  Toilet Paper?  Really?

We were picking up a few things at our local warehouse store. I overheard some employees discussing an unexplainable run on  Hmm. We glanced at that area, saw a few remaining packages and smiled at each other.  We had some at home and would get more when we needed.  I thought about picking up some beans, maybe some rice and canned tuna.  They had plenty of that stuff.  But we decided to wait until the next trip, because those items weren’t really on our list.

Three Days Later

The toilet paper rumors grew louder and more persistent.  The news feeds started to become All Corona Virus All the Time. So we ventured back to the big box, found a spot to park, and ventured in.  No toilet paper.  No paper towels, paper napkins, or tissues.  Crazy!  And I saw that they were also out of rice, beans and tuna.  Worrisome.