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several people collaborating on laptopPlain Old Marketing

Used to be, we’d offer “digital marketing” or “online marketing”, which meant a website, some social media linking, a bit of SEO to get clients noticed on their customer’s screens.

And it was often a hard sell.

Website?  Why would I need a website?  My customers come to my store, after all. And isn’t  facebook and that other stuff for cute kitten pictures and political arguments?  And how could you possibly think I’d pay extra money so I’ll have better search engine something-or-other?

After all, we had magazines, the local newspaper, an occasional radio or tv ad.  And, of course, word of mouth.  Not online reviews, but actual words coming out of someone’s mouth in a personal recommendation.

And Then, Digital Marketing

The world began searching online, shopping online, reading reviews online. Maybe now that digital marketing stuff you were talking about makes some sense.  But my social media is still for vacation bragging and photos of my latest meal.

Or not.

So we’d take that great copy and find a way to get it online.  And then get it noticed.  That commercial could be embedded in a website.  That interview might become blog material. Of course they’ll see your decades-old logo!

Clicks and conversions and affiliate agreements enter the vocabulary.  We make websites and integrate social media for marketing.  We apply SEO, onsite and off. We improve local listing results and help nurture good ratings.

Traditional Marketing

And of course, we still offer the old-fashioined options.  Some clients request print ads, radio, even local network television. And of course we can assist.  But now we offer these as a secondary choice, perhaps even as an afterthought.  And we call it traditional marketing. Almost as an afterthought.

Just Plain Marketing

Now when we hear marketing, there’s not a second thought to media – of course it’ll appear online.  We create for screens of all sizes. We strategize at the mercy of Google algorithms and review engines and the latest security issues.

Nobody wants digital marketing. They just want plain old marketing.

And what we’ve been calling traditional marketing?  Still out there and still has a purpose.  But, for many, at the bottom of the marketing budget. Or maybe just overlooked. We occasionally taking our digital creations and modifying them to work on paper

Same Old, Not Same Old

The media and the method change. But the purpose is the same.  How about we go sell some stuff to somebody?

They Just Want Marketing

The end of digital marketing is here. Learn why we’re now in an era where digital marketing is just marketing.

Source: Welcome to the end of digital marketing

Gabrielle V Brown

Gabrielle resides in the Rocky Mountains where she makes websites, plays with food, does church things, and writes stories. Gabrielle studies at a seminary in the upper midwest.