September 29th is National Coffee Day and Dutch Bros is giving you nine punches with a large drink.  A freebie is ten punches, so that’s almost like getting a free drink!  I’ve marked my calendar.  How can you go wrong? Dutch Bros is, I think, the very best drive-through coffee – and my favorite.  Here’s why:

Dutch Bros National Coffee Day 2015

  1. They actually pull shots, rather than using some concentrate syrup.  My coffee is freshly made for me, every time.
  2. The culture at Dutch Bros is the best.  The owner claims to be “just an old hippie”.  I’d be happy to call him friend.
  3. Dutch Bros empowers their employees….  if they think you need a hug, or a free drink, or a sticker, they don’t have to go ask the manager.
  4. They respect customers  and  employees. Recently, baristas started coming outside to take orders ahead if the lines were long.  Faster service for us, and it was suggested by a worker.
  5. Dutch Bros intends to remain awesome – to open a stand, you must have worked at a Dutch Bros, so you get how they do things.
  6. They have amazing blended Rebels – energy drinks with flavored syrup blended into the slushy thing.  Amazing in a super-hot summer day.  Sometimes you just need something besides coffee.
  7. Did I mention stickers?  Love the stickers!
  8. The baristas play great music, loud.  And they talk to you.  And they remember you, even if you only stop by once a week or so.  The baristas are the best.
  9. They know what I mean when I want to pay-it-forward to the next car.  That green emblemed place hires people who need an explanation.
  10. T-shirts and march – first class!
  11. Dutch Bros supports local communities.  Not all the time which is annoying, but often enough that you know they care. And they care about truly worthy groups in out community.
  12. They like us, they really like us!  Once, a barista actually steamed goat milk for a customer (not me,  I promise!).
  13. I’m always a rock star when I turn someone on to Dutch Bros.
  14. They have the greatest promotions.
  15. Oh, of course, they make the very best coffee drinks.  Sincerely.  The. Best.  Treat yourself to an Annihilator.

Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 7.27.38 AM

There is a downside. Started in Oregon, and going from there, Dutch Bros is still found in only seven states. Not for long, I’m certain.