So our lovely Rosy was settled on the deck happily munching on the remains of a rabbit.  We’re accustomed to all manner of wildlife here, and this wasn’t the first time we’ve wrestled some kind of wretched remains from our dog’s jaws.  Rosy is a Cavalier Spaniel, she’s supposed to like people-food hand-fed at her request while she occupies the most comfortable lap available.

From puppyhood, she’s shown an inordinate interest in creatures of the back yard, living or dead.  Well, if they’re living, she does her damnedest to make them dead.  Her ultimate goal, of course, is to consume all of whatever it is.  Fortunately, the birds, squirrels and rabbits are usually too fast for her.  Most of the time.

She does her best to hinder to our efforts to remove said victim from her reach and dispose of it before she chokes or catches some parasite or rabies or something.  But, we’re bigger than Rosy, and we outnumber her. We got the dog inside and the rabbit remains disposed of, after which Rosy took up a vigil at the door.  Which she does every time, as if the missing meal is going to somehow reappear if the watches closely enough.

Screen Shot 2015-10-18 at 10.01.46 PM

Yes, I am absolutely egocentric enough to think this was worth a share.   Because you all really do find these kinds of things fascinating, right?   Tumblr basically for storage (do Tumblr blogs get much attention anymore?). Maybe Instagram or Facebook,  SnapChat for daughter away at school.  Twitter because I like to think I have a bunch of friends, celebrities, and important people who closely follow all I choose to share.  Social media can be so much fun.

Well, one of my followers did actually take notice.  I got retweeted by a local Food Reviewer:

Screen Shot 2015-10-18 at 10.36.16 PM

Let it be known that we have been reviewed and passed muster!  Our Backyard, serving extremely fresh game of every size to discerning (and fast) canines.  Rave Reviews – Wowza!  Thanks Colorado Food Reviews!


Have you ever had a 17 pound dog cuddle up and breathe rabbit breath into your face?