outline templateHow does this happen?

I swear I could have been born with an empty outline in my brain, complete with nice capital letters, roman numerals, and perfect five-space indents.   I like my things to be organized.  I want to be able to find it, whatever it is, right in the logical location where it belongs.  I do not see a problem with alphabetized spices (yes, mine are) or color coded closets. Yes, in fact I do have tupperware with identification of contents in my pantry.   I think my label maker is one of the most fun gifts I’ve ever received.

How, then, did I manage to spend years without getting my virtual world put together? Why is it, then, that I am overtaken by pell-mell gobs of virtual information, messages, posts, requests, emails, stuff, every single day?  How am I supposed to get things done?  Time to tackle the overload.

Today is virtual organization day.  I’m taking on email, to start.  No more will I depend on search to get to the one message that matters.    Yes, I know there are apps that help.  I’ve spent lots of hours checking them out, too many dollars buying them,  and more time than I should implementing them to find them not quite just right.  Back to the basics time!  Hello rules and folders and subfolders and unsubscribe and block.  You are my newest friends.

Perhaps it will have to wait a day or week or month or so, but I’ve already begun on Project Organize Recipes. And of course I have about fifteen thousand (yes, that many!)  photos that need face-tagging, date sorting, keyword adding.  Oh, and all those genealogy files, photos, dates and names?  Yup, they’re waiting for attention, too.  Can’t forget the various research projects… thank you Evernote for allowing me to organize all that stuff I collect as it comes in – so much faster that way!  But why oh why won’t my Evernote saved recipes just import without manipulation into my recipe software?  Nuts.

If I don’t answer, you know where to find me.

Tomorrow will be a more efficient day.

National Coffee Day & Dutch Bros

National Coffee Day & Dutch Bros

September 29th is National Coffee Day and Dutch Bros is giving you nine punches with a large drink.  A freebie is ten punches, so that’s almost like getting a free drink!  I’ve marked my calendar.  How can you go wrong? Dutch Bros is, I think, the very best drive-through coffee – and my favorite.  Here’s why:

Dutch Bros National Coffee Day 2015

  1. They actually pull shots, rather than using some concentrate syrup.  My coffee is freshly made for me, every time.
  2. The culture at Dutch Bros is the best.  The owner claims to be “just an old hippie”.  I’d be happy to call him friend.
  3. Dutch Bros empowers their employees….  if they think you need a hug, or a free drink, or a sticker, they don’t have to go ask the manager.
  4. They respect customers  and  employees. Recently, baristas started coming outside to take orders ahead if the lines were long.  Faster service for us, and it was suggested by a worker.
  5. Dutch Bros intends to remain awesome – to open a stand, you must have worked at a Dutch Bros, so you get how they do things.
  6. They have amazing blended Rebels – energy drinks with flavored syrup blended into the slushy thing.  Amazing in a super-hot summer day.  Sometimes you just need something besides coffee.
  7. Did I mention stickers?  Love the stickers!
  8. The baristas play great music, loud.  And they talk to you.  And they remember you, even if you only stop by once a week or so.  The baristas are the best.
  9. They know what I mean when I want to pay-it-forward to the next car.  That green emblemed place hires people who need an explanation.
  10. T-shirts and march – first class!
  11. Dutch Bros supports local communities.  Not all the time which is annoying, but often enough that you know they care. And they care about truly worthy groups in out community.
  12. They like us, they really like us!  Once, a barista actually steamed goat milk for a customer (not me,  I promise!).
  13. I’m always a rock star when I turn someone on to Dutch Bros.
  14. They have the greatest promotions.
  15. Oh, of course, they make the very best coffee drinks.  Sincerely.  The. Best.  Treat yourself to an Annihilator.

Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 7.27.38 AM

There is a downside. Started in Oregon, and going from there, Dutch Bros is still found in only seven states. Not for long, I’m certain.


Happy Dancing!

100 Movies Dance Scenes Mashup (Mark Ronson-Uptown Funk ft.Bruno Mars) by WTM

Music/Movie Mashups are just plain entertaining.

Oh My Goodness!  This mashup just dropped a week or so ago,  don’t know why, but I’ve watched it over and over and it never fails to put a smile on my face.  Sure hope it does the same for you.

I ought to watch this each morning with my coffee and start the day out right.

If you want to know which movies all the dance scenes came from, just enable closed captioning.


The Jungle Book Movie Trailer!

The Jungle Book Movie Trailer!

Not certain why, but I’m looking forward to this one.  Scarlett Johansson is chilling as Kaa in this preview.  Ben Kingsley will voice Bagheera.  And with Christopher Walken as King Louie and Bill Murray as Baloo… well, I’m guessing we’ll see some humor as well.  Jon Favreau directs, and the visuals are stunning in this clip.  Wow, guess the trailer is doing exactly what it is supposed to do – and I have to wait for half a year!

So sorry I’m not smart enough to remove the commercial that DailyMotion sticks in there.