Yes, I Will! Blogging A to Z Challenge 2018

Yes, Perhaps I am an April Fool


This April looks to be busy.

I’ve got a trip out of state to cheer daughter on.

I’ve got a whole pile of volunteer behind-the scenes tech work to get done.

I’ve got to chase down an errant document for granddad’s estate – been trying to get this one piece of paper for fifteen months now.  Some institutions are challenging to deal with.

I’ve got to get our taxes finished. Usually I file super early, but that annoying missing document is holding me up.

I’ve got plans for four days immersed in craft and business and networking and possibly just a bit of playing around at  Pikes Peak Writers Conference.  I am so looking forward to this fabulous event. If you write, you should consider going – and let me know, we can have a coffee or something in between sessions.

I’ve got contractors to meet and plans to approve and decisions to make as our remodeling gets on its wheels and takes off.

I’ve got time blocked off on my calendar for writing (else it never happens).

I’ve got meetings and hospice visits and writing groups and marketing and all the other ordinary everyday things to to get done.

I’ve got a nagging compulsion to spend at some quality time with husband.


So Why Not Commit to Daily Blogging For the Whole Month of April?

This Blogging for A to Z Challenge popped into my social media streams.  Repeatedly.  A friend of mine made the commitment.  Then another.  Then a few more.  Not that I’m competitive or anything, but this now felt like a real challenged to me. So I signed up .

I vow to post a blog every day expect Sundays this April.  Easter, April Fools Day, is an exception, so expect to see a post tomorrow.

In keeping with this challenge, each day will be associated with a letter of the alphabet.  In alphabetical order.  Stop on by later on and see what I’ve come up with!