I’ve (sort of) Been Blogged!

I’ve (sort of) Been Blogged!

Screen Shot 2015-11-16 at 9.39.21 AMMy friend Lisa was interviewed for a piece in the Doc Martin Online Blog.  She is truly a super-fan!  Not only does she know pretty much everything about Doc Martin and Martin Clunes, but she designed and sold Clunatic t-shirts to raise money for a charity Martin Clunes (and I) support- Julia’s House Children’s Hospice in Dorset.  And… they used the photo of the three of us in our Clunatic shirts at our Rocky Mountain Gathering this past summer.  How cool is that?


Meet Lisa Fenderson! Where do you call home? Virginia, USA. Basically the East Coast between New York and Florida. Tell us a little about yourself? I was born in Puerto Rico but moved to Virginia, when I was 11. My Dad was in the TV and Radio broadcasting industry, and I followed in his footsteps. …

Source: Lisa Fenderson – Doc Martin Online

Martin Clunes closeup smiling

Martin, John and Bert and S7 Spoilers

No secret I’m a fan. Devoted to the show, engaged by the characters, smitten with one particular cast member. Doc Martin Series 7 started airing in Great Britain a couple of Mondays ago. In a few more weeks, I’ll be able to start watching episodes through AcornTV, a great streaming service that I use to watch British television. Otherwise, it’ll be next year before the newest season will air here – when and where depends on individual contracts between your local PBS station and American Public Television, the distributor. And then… just in time for Christmas, the DVDs come out in USA, Great Britain, and Canada on December 8th. Two years between each filming, then even more waiting? Excruciating! Unfair! Seriously, iTV should look into some way round this problem.

Ian John & Martin 2015
Ian John & Martin 2015

Regardless, the Buffalo Pictures and iTV publicity machine is at work. These interviews, exclusive to whatsontv.co.uk, give us a little taste of what is to come, as told the a few cast members.

Ian McNeice is Bert Large the plumber/restauranteur/schemer.  Bert is one of the first of Portwenn’s quirky residents the Doc met when he arrived – to a soggy end. . So, here he is in a publicity video a couple of days ago….. and he shares some spoilers that hadn’t been leaked elsewhere.  Bert’s Latest Schemes   I love that Ian shared a bit more that we’ve seen in other publicity gigs.

John Marquez’ PC Joseph  Penhale is comic genius. How can you not love his bumbling self?  He’s so self-unaware, but still manages to come through in a clinch.  The taser, however – maybe not the best idea.  John shares that Joe’s got a love interest this series.  PC Penhale Wants a Wife

And, of course, Martin Clunes…as the Doc himself. Therapy, a really cool surgery, and idiots all over Portwenn await this time around.  More humor, less darkness, and a few more forehead bruises, we hear.  Will there be reconciliation?  Some Changes for Doc   Martin discusses fun times with old friends, great guest stars, Cornwall every other year, and his grumpy Doc character, who he’s now been playing for 15 years.

Well, despite having to wait, I still got a little fix of some of my favorite actors discussing what I’ll be seeing.  I guess all is still reasonably right with the world.


Keep Calm Season 7


My friend Lisa shared this and I just had to add it.  The trailers and fan groups are doing their thing, and the level of excitement and anticipation is rising.  I’ve seen many virtual conversations about anticipated (and as yet, unannounced) air dates.  Someone made a very good case for September 14th.  If she’s correct, I’ve promised to buy her a cuppa next time I’m in Port Isaac.

Keep Calm Season 7

Oh, and Port Isaac, Cornwall ~  Stunningly beautiful!  Port Isaac plays the part of the fishing village of Portwenn, where the sun always shines.  Not quite so in real life.  I must put together a post just about this lovely village, which I hope to see for real some day.

Fans will make use of technology to see new episodes as soon as they can!  I’m seeing more conversations about how to use a VPN to watch the show from other countries when it first airs in Great Britain. And much talk about AcornTV, which was the first streaming service to provide Series 6 episodes in the US, two years ago.

Yes, two years ago!  They only film every other year, and then they only make eight episodes.  So different from US television, where the goal is to get 100 episodes in the can as quickly as possible, thus being able to syndicate and earn the real money.  In Great Britain, six to eight episodes in a series is typical.  And Buffalo Pictures states they only film every other year (1) so that they can come up with the best quality writing and (2) so that Port Isaac and the other communities they film in can have a little break.

Doc Martin filming does pretty much take over the village of  Port Isaac for several months when  they rent out  many of the vacation properties for cast and crew, and disrupt everyday business with exterior filming.  And exterior filming brings crowds of fans (and often their dogs) who want to see their favorite program being made and meet those who make it happen.  And, in many cases, try and get a photo with the cast members.  Especially Martin Clunes.  It is competitive.

I personally believe that the every other year filming schedule also allows Martin Clunes and Philippa Braithwaite to work on other projects.  Keeps thing fresh and, from a business standpoint, seems pretty smart.

I am such a rookie at this obsessive fan game, but I can learn.

Closeup photo of Martin Clunes as Doc Martin, 2015

The First Doc Martin Series 7 Trailer

I am not a very patient person.

Well, series 7  of Doc Martin is is in the can and due to be aired sometime soon in Great Britain on iTV.  Here in the states, it isn’t likely to be on my local PBS station until next year sometime.  Fingers crossed that AcornTV streaming has it sooner.

Its been TWO YEARS since Series 6 was released.  I know and understand and respect all the good reason why they only film every other year.  But, well, refer to that first sentence.  In any case, I’ve been following the fan groups, enjoying the photos and videos of those who flew across the pond and shared the experience of watching my favorite show being filmed.  There have been spoilers (Sigourney Weaver and Caroline Quentin, anyone?) and conjecture.  Lots and lots of conjecture and theories.

Well, here it is, the first trailer for the new season.  Notice they still don’t share an air date.  Recently I emailed iTV and was advised they won’t share that information until about ten days before the show is on.  And, not a shred of evidence of our surprise guests mentioned above.  I guess less obsessed fans will get to be surprised.

Here it is… the first Doc Martin Series 7 Trailer, released today, 13 August, 2015.  Let the fun begin!