outline template


outline templateHow does this happen?

I swear I could have been born with an empty outline in my brain, complete with nice capital letters, roman numerals, and perfect five-space indents.   I like my things to be organized.  I want to be able to find it, whatever it is, right in the logical location where it belongs.  I do not see a problem with alphabetized spices (yes, mine are) or color coded closets. Yes, in fact I do have tupperware with identification of contents in my pantry.   I think my label maker is one of the most fun gifts I’ve ever received.

How, then, did I manage to spend years without getting my virtual world put together? Why is it, then, that I am overtaken by pell-mell gobs of virtual information, messages, posts, requests, emails, stuff, every single day?  How am I supposed to get things done?  Time to tackle the overload.

Today is virtual organization day.  I’m taking on email, to start.  No more will I depend on search to get to the one message that matters.    Yes, I know there are apps that help.  I’ve spent lots of hours checking them out, too many dollars buying them,  and more time than I should implementing them to find them not quite just right.  Back to the basics time!  Hello rules and folders and subfolders and unsubscribe and block.  You are my newest friends.

Perhaps it will have to wait a day or week or month or so, but I’ve already begun on Project Organize Recipes. And of course I have about fifteen thousand (yes, that many!)  photos that need face-tagging, date sorting, keyword adding.  Oh, and all those genealogy files, photos, dates and names?  Yup, they’re waiting for attention, too.  Can’t forget the various research projects… thank you Evernote for allowing me to organize all that stuff I collect as it comes in – so much faster that way!  But why oh why won’t my Evernote saved recipes just import without manipulation into my recipe software?  Nuts.

If I don’t answer, you know where to find me.

Tomorrow will be a more efficient day.