Seashore Shawl

Noblesville, Yarn, and My Seashore Shawl

Seashore ShawlOn a recent trip, I found myself in the delightful town of  Noblesville Indiana, with plans to meet some friends for lunch at Rosie’s Place.   Someday I want to live in a town like Noblesville, a quiet suburb just northeast of Indianapolis. As I walked to lunch I couldn’t help but notice the courthouse that anchored downtown Noblesville –  backed against the White River and  surrounded by shops and businesses which then gave way to homes built before I was born.  Perfect.

I’d done my research ahead of time, and found not only the lovely diner where we’d meet, but a yarn store that looked quite promising.  So, of course, I made a point to arrive a little early to check out  Black Sheep Yarn and Fiber Arts,  housed in a beautiful old Victorian conveniently right next to public parking.  Which cost twenty-five cents an hour. Twenty Five Cents an Hour.


So I found this Freia yarn I hadn’t seen before.  It caught my attention and I’ll tell you why .  First, the name was Freia*.  Freia is an old Nordic name., lso spelled Freyja, Freja, and Freya.  It means “lady” and is the name of the goddess of love, beauty, war and death in Norse mythology.  Freya also happens to be the name of one of my sisters. And, in my lifetime, I’ve met very few people blessed with that moniker.  I’ve heard it has recently become popular in Great Britain – I’ll be keeping my eyes and ears open on my next trip across the pond.  In any case, so the name caught my attention.  And the color ways… oh my!  Well, and then as I looked more closely – this yarn is merino/silk and well worth a quick fondle.  I was enamored.  In any case, this delightful little skein made it into my bag, the back of my car, and after a more than a few hundred miles, onto my needles at home.  And you can see the results – my Seashore Shawl.  I’m pleased with the results, I received a couple of compliments, and, well, life is pretty good.


* For more information about Freia Fibers, check out their site: Freia Fibers.  But be warned – that delicious merino/silk is not available online, but only through a limited number of retailers.  I’ve put in a request at my LYS and the owner tells me she’s on the waiting list.  Fingers crossed.

This Temperature Scarf Thing They’re Talking About

This Temperature Scarf Thing They’re Talking About



Many of my yarn crafting friends have committed to creating temperature scarves, afghans, and blankets. You gather up a good-sized palette of yarn, and knit or crochet a small portion, choosing yarn color based on the daily temperature.  And then at end of the year, you’ve got a completed item that not only keeps you warm, but memorializes the whole year’s weather.  And who doesn’t want to remember that, right?  Just think, if you make one every year, you can document global warming in your zip code – in a  warm, cozy, cuddly kind of way.  How cool is that?

So, am I up for the challenge?  I’m feeling a little pressure here.  After all, January has already started… which means I am behind.  Crap.  Most normal people would be perfectly fine just starting when ever.  But of course, they’re not quite as OCD as me.  Can I muster up enough flexibility to attempt this?  Yes, yes I can.  I can do this.

Okay, first the pattern.  Well, I’m keeping it simple.  I’m making a scarf, and a quick search on Ravelry turned up guidelines and a recommended cScreen Shot 2016-01-03 at 9.25.06 PMolor chart.    Looks pretty straight forward.  Not sure I love the palette, but no big deal. I can easily come up with something I like better.

I dislike the idea of 24 skeins of cheap yarn, so perhaps I’ll use fewer colors and better fiber.  I went online and found a lovely set of reasonably priced yarn – no worries about mixing fibers or dye lots. Call me a happy camper.  It’ll be a few days before my yarn arrives, but that’s okay.  I’ll just knit a week’s worth when I start.

Okay, what about the temperature part?  Some are checking the thermometer at noon every day.  I’m far too lazy for that that.  I have a fabulous outdoor thermometer right on my desk.  I’ll take a quick glance when I’m ready to knit and that’ll be it. I’m going to be traveling a bit this year.  Guess my colors will depend on weather conditions wherever I am.  There.  Decision made.

Wish me luck… I’ve just committed to 732 rows of scarf.  Go ahead, check my math – two rows for day in this leap year. And an entire year of picking up the needles daily.  Not a resolution, but still an exercise in discipline.  I can do discipline, yes I can.

Stay tuned.