So, for Bea’s 75th, we got together and created a memory book for her – you can see it here: Bea’s Birthday Book. That book has photos that span about a hundred or so years, and pages about all the places Bea’s lived, and even some pages dedicated to pets. Every photo was handpicked to represent something meaningful, and I’ve heard the book was appreciated. I love that almost all the surviving children and grandchildren, nieces, nephews and siblings got involved. What a joy to work together to create something meaningful for someone we love.

The Arrington kids made some fun tees and a really cool giant birthday card. Some of us sent personalized family t-shirts, because Bea loves her t-shirts, and they might as well give her a chance to brag about her family. And while Kim and Jozi presented all the gifts in person, the rest of us joined in the fun via video chat. Andrea and Kevin even had a cake out in Las Vegas. This birthday was celebrated across the country – from New Hampshire to Texas to Colorado to California. What fun!

mom's birthday dinner

mom’s birthday dinner

Additionally, back in New Hampshire, a celebratory birthday dinner at a lovely Indian Restaurant was enjoyed by Bea, Jozi, Kim and Freya. Our hope was that it would be a birthday to remember, and I like to think we pulled it off.

Birthday blessings, Mom! Your journey has taken you across thousands of miles and probably through thousands of diapers. You’ve seen your children grow up, move on, raise children of their own. You’ve raised two of your grandchildren and buried a husband and a child. And the adventure continues…