That Inconvenient Brilliant Thought

I keep a notebook.

A few notebooks.

Well, several notebooks.

I have them in my car, my handbag, my work bag, my gym bag.

My notebooks live on my desk and various horizontal surfaces .

And on my notebook shelf, too. 

I review my entries and organize my notes and write things from the inspiration they provide.

I search frantically through each of them for that contact info I jotted down.

Because I wrote it in the wrong one.

And I go through them again and reorganize my notebooks.

I admire my shelf full.

Then I buy more notebooks.

And pens.

I buy pens.

Many thanks to Dvortygirl, who provided the photo I modified for the graphic.




Gabrielle V Brown

Gabrielle V. Brown has put words to paper since she could hold a crayon. Her published work includes a variety of nonfiction, a ghost written memoir, and a cookbook. Gabrielle currently resides in the Rocky Mountains where she makes websites, plays with food, and writes stories and other stuff.

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