Closeup photo of Martin Clunes as Doc Martin, 2015

The First Doc Martin Series 7 Trailer

I am not a very patient person.

Well, series 7  of Doc Martin is is in the can and due to be aired sometime soon in Great Britain on iTV.  Here in the states, it isn’t likely to be on my local PBS station until next year sometime.  Fingers crossed that AcornTV streaming has it sooner.

Its been TWO YEARS since Series 6 was released.  I know and understand and respect all the good reason why they only film every other year.  But, well, refer to that first sentence.  In any case, I’ve been following the fan groups, enjoying the photos and videos of those who flew across the pond and shared the experience of watching my favorite show being filmed.  There have been spoilers (Sigourney Weaver and Caroline Quentin, anyone?) and conjecture.  Lots and lots of conjecture and theories.

Well, here it is, the first trailer for the new season.  Notice they still don’t share an air date.  Recently I emailed iTV and was advised they won’t share that information until about ten days before the show is on.  And, not a shred of evidence of our surprise guests mentioned above.  I guess less obsessed fans will get to be surprised.

Here it is… the first Doc Martin Series 7 Trailer, released today, 13 August, 2015.  Let the fun begin!

Gabrielle V Brown

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