Doc Martin with his Bag

The Newest, Slightly Longer, Doc Martin Series 7 Trailer

Still no date! I’ve been told that iTV doesn’t announce when the new series will air until about 10 days before the first episode. So hard to be patient! With the time difference, I’d like as much warning as possible so that I can arrange my calendar.

Obsessed? No, of course not!

Gabrielle V Brown

Gabrielle resides in the Rocky Mountains where she makes websites, plays with food, does church things, and writes stories. Gabrielle studies at a seminary in the upper midwest.

3 thoughts on “The Newest, Slightly Longer, Doc Martin Series 7 Trailer

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    That poor dear man seems to have such a hard time saying, “No.”

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      So far, what’s not to love Gabrielle??! I feel like I’m sitting across from you either on your deck or in your favourite Cafe, just listening to you banter away about all your favourite things in the world!! As for our doc , I’m pretty sure he has the word “No” mastered !! Well done mon amie!!

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