My friend Kathy will tell you that knitting is cheaper than therapy.IMG_7046

Once or twice a week, I enjoy time with a fluid group of yarn crafters.  We meet at a local shop, Woolly Works, which is owned and run by one of the kindest folks I know, Edie Fisher.   Seriously, if you’re into fiber, drop by.  Edie has been involved in wool for decades and knows, well, almost everything, I think.  If you need help with a project, or can’t figure out how to fix a mistake – she’s got you covered.  Her staff is also knowledgeable and always willing to help.  Edie gets the process from start to finish – she has yarn in her shop that comes from her own alpaca – beautifully dyed & spun by herself.  Amazing!

Our little group was broth together by shared interest in fiber craft, but we’re a diverse bunch. Our ages span decades, our politics range from farthest right to extreme left, our spiritual beliefs run the gamut, and our taste in music and film, food and fitness can only be described as varied.  We have a nickname and a private social media gathering place, and we aim to respect one another and create a drama-free zone.  I’m proud to say we’ve been reasonably successful.

We support one another in grief and struggle and we love one another and share in joys.  We celebrate births, new jobs, accomplishments.  We hug and cry and mourn through deaths and illnesses and loss and pain.  We listen and love and support one another.  We’ve been known to grab a bite together, or move our knitting circle outside on a nice day.

We also create beautiful things with yarn.

I cannot imagine a better way to spend a morning or two each week than gathered with friends.  Because, though it starts with the yarn, it really is about friendship.  I hope you all are blessed to have friends such as this!